Specialized Fitness Programs Designed for Women


We will be closing our doors for good on December 31st 2021. We tried to make it happen during this pandemic but have lost the battle. Thank you for your past support.

Small Group Classes 

Build strength and suppleness during fun Fuse Ladder classes. You will use spring tension through all planes of movement to get a whole body workout without undue stress to any body part.

Suspension Training

Fun dynamic classes using the whole-body Bodhi suspension system will challenge core strength, flexibility & proprioception. 

Group Mat Classes

Our small group classes are divided into specialty classes such as pregnancy, postpartum, release work, menopause and more, these classes use deep understanding of the female anatomy and latest research to help women traverse the changes that take place throughout their lives.

Private Pilates Training for Everybody

Schedule a private session to work on your personal goals and to have an individualized program created for you.

For Women:
Build a Stronger Smarter Body at Every Stage of Your Life.


safe and beneficial exercises for pregnancy to prepare you for labor and through postpartum

Pelvic Floor Health

prevention and healing of pelvic floor dysfunction from childbirth, intense exercise or surgery. 

Diastasis Recti Recovery

restore the alignment and function of the body in relation to a diastasis recti


more organic movement, more resistance, more endurance to keep your changing body healthy

Fascial Release

create mobility and stability in your body while releasing restrictions and muscle tension

Our studio provides the MOTIVATION, EXPERIENCE and GUIDANCE that you need

Our aim is to create ease of movement and function of the body allowing each person to adapt the technique to their body and needs.

Women's fitness and Pilates studio in Chicago, Edgewater location


The Studio is the physical headquarters for the internationally known The Center for Women’s Fitness. Located on the Northern Side of the city of Chicago in the peaceful Edgewater neighborhood. The Studio offers group classes and private Pilates training. The Studio offers the unique teaching methods developed by founder Carolyne Anthony, exclusively designed for the female anatomy and physiology and. These internationally renowned teacher training programs are taught at The Studio.

Carolyne is a gentle yet empowering guide for mind-body movement. Under her keen eye for assessment, I was able to rediscover efficiency in my center. I am grateful for her fascial movement series that released my hips, back, and neck after a challenging car accident.
Thank you, Carolyne!


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