Here at The Studio, we follow the teaching method of The Center for Women’s Fitness. This method has been developed over the past 27 years to reflect the unique exercise needs of the female anatomy and physiology.

We use the techniques of Relax.Release.Realign.Restore™ through ALL our classes. We begin with the understanding of the shape of the female pelvis and thus the attachment of the pelvic floor and all muscles that attach or pass through the pelvis.

We believe in building a deep strength and connection in the pelvis and pelvic floor which will allow for a better progression towards a more advanced workout. By following this method, we have seen less dysfunction and greater flexibility and strength with our female clients.

We are currently offering private in person sessions, small group classes of five in the studio and several virtual classes for your convenience.

Private Pilates session taught by a senior teacher at the Studio in Chicago IL

Private Pilates Sessions

Your one hour private session will begin with your story. We will listen to your words, understand your concerns and help you achieve your goals. We work closely with Women’s Health Physical Therapist and Ob/Gyns to assist you in achieving a healthy functioning body.

Fuse Ladder

This unique piece of equipment is especially good for building strength and suppleness with spring tension used through all planes of movement. This offers a whole body workout without undue stress to any body part. “Fuse Ladder is a smart and effective total-body workout on an apparatus that is sleek, space-saving, and affordable. It’s also insanely fun”- Fuse Ladder

Bodhi Suspension System

A dynamic, whole-body suspension system that challenges core strength, flexibility & proprioception.The Bodhi Suspension System offers four potential points of suspension to maximize stability training and proprioception while providing many options for creativity.

Group Mat

Group classes are divided into specialty classes such as pregnancy, postpartum, release work, menopause and more

Class Descriptions by Focus

Prenatal Class

The Gentle Birth Workout will help educate and inform you as to the best options for movement in order to prepare your body for the birth. The workout mimics the movement that most women instinctively use during labor and birth. It will guide you through a series of movements that may be done every day of the pregnancy and continued during labor as well.

All exercises in this program have been evaluated to produce the best outcomes in preparing you for labor. The exercises may be performed through all trimesters. The birthing ball is used in most of the exercises to allow for practice before the birth itself. The program incorporates several labor positions and movements that may help facilitate the birth.

Postpartum Class

“The Gentle Birth Recovery Program™” is suitable for all postpartum women regardless of the type of birth you have had. The aim of this class is to gently restore the body from the inside out with gentle rehabilitative movement and breathwork. The sequences in this program will restore the pelvic floor and abdominals safely and with consideration of C sections and diastasis recti. Ask for information on The Traditional Art of Massage and Binding as your early postpartum recovery routine.

Diastasis Recti Recovery Class

We offer the world renowned “The Center Method for Diastasis Recti Recovery™” technique that has been proven successful in aiding the healing of DR. Diastasis Recti may present itself at any age and any time. Learn what it is, how you can prevent it from happening and learn the lifelong techniques in this class that will help heal it. We use gentle breathwork, myofascial release and simple exercises to establish correct functioning of the abdominal area.

Pelvic Floor Health Class

We offer a simple yet successful technique Support your Floor™ that identifies the pelvic floor muscles, and with cueing and breath work, incorporates our techniques in a simple and gentle exercise routine that heals and maintains the health of the pelvic floor. All exercises in this class are geared to prevention and healing of simple pelvic floor dysfunction whether from childbirth, intense exercise or surgery. 

Menopause Madness™ Class

Powerful change requires powerful action. Menopause is a change that requires a shift in the way you work out. Our classes incorporate the concepts of MORE- more organic movement, more resistance, more endurance. These concepts follow the science behind keeping your changing body moving and healthy.

Rocking and Rolling to Release™

This fascial release class is also known as The Magic Green Ball workout.We use a combination of rocking movement and rolling on the ball to create muscular, skeletal and fascial release. The movements are gentle and restorative and work with the rhythm of the breath.