Prenatal Health and Exercise from The Center for Women’s Fitness

The Gentle Birth Project™ is a compilation of movement, massage, binding and nutrition and has been developed to encourage women to seek out the best options for their health during pregnancy and the early stages of postpartum. 

The Gentle Birth Prenatal Workout™ has been designed to help educate and inform you as to the best options for movement in order to prepare your body for the birth and offer a safe exercise program for after the birth.

All exercises in this program have been evaluated to produce the best outcomes in preparing you for labor. The exercises may be performed through all trimesters. The birthing ball is used in most of the exercises to allow for practice before the birth itself. The program incorporates several labor positions and movement that may help facilitate the birth.

The Gentle Birth Workout™ mimics the movement that most women instinctively use during labor and birth. It will guide you through a series of movements that may be done every day of the pregnancy and continued during labor as well. 

While women need to remain strong enough to carry the pregnancy, they do not necessarily need to work out hard in the hopes of staying “buff”. The increase of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone plus relaxin, serve to increase the suppleness of the pregnant body in preparation for the opening of the body during birth. This increase facilitates easy passage of the baby through the birth canal, flexibility of the pelvic floor during the expulsion of the baby and the ability of the abdominal muscles to stretch over the ever-growing uterus. 

The Gentle Birth Workout™ takes all of this into account with a program that truly addresses the needs of the ever growing and changing body. 

This program includes

  • Using the breath to facilitate correct activation of the pelvic floor
  • Understanding whole body integration as your movement principle.
  • Using a set routine of exercises in a sequence that will best strengthen and connect the body and mind
  • Incorporating the “birthing ball” into the movement.
  • Familiarization of certain movements that will facilitate the birthing process.

Postnatal Health and Exercise from The Center for Women’s Fitness

The Gentle Birth Postnatal Workout™ begins the journey into recovery with our gentle restorative breath and exercise routines that work with the binder and massage to ensure optimal recovery of the abdominals and pelvic floor.

Once you feel comfortable to attend class, you are guided through a restorative exercise program that includes myofascial release, breath work and realigning of the muscles. Emphasis is placed on reconnecting the abdominals and pelvic floor and realigning the spine to the pelvis.

This program takes into account the type of birth you have had and remains safe for diastasis recti, c sections and pubic bone separation.

Once you feel stronger you may then attend the other classes on our schedule.

This program includes

  • Using the breath to activate and strengthen the abdominals and pelvic floor
  • Teaches gentle restorative exercise that is safe for DR, C sections and pubic bone separation
  • Provides a progressive exercise routine that follows your body’s healing timeline.
  • Prepares you for your regular exercise routine.