Carolyne was an essential resource during my first pregnancy. She designed an exercise program tailored specifically to my body and its changing needs through each stage of pregnancy. Our work helped to encourage elasticity so that as my body changed for the growing baby inside me, I could still feel flexible and strong. Carolyne stands out as a teacher because her support went beyond helping my body, she also helped me mentally and emotionally as I navigated this new journey. Her compassion and dedication is like no other, and I would walk away from our sessions not only physically feeling better, but always with more education, knowledge, and confidence. My pregnancy and labor were very positive and I attribute much of that to the work I did with Carolyne.

– Erica, Chicago

Carolyne is a gentle yet empowering guide for mind-body movement. Under her keen eye for assessment, I was able to rediscover efficiency in my center. I am grateful for her fascial movement series that released my hips, back, and neck after a challenging car accident.  The nurturing and playful time with Carolyne made me a better instructor for my own Pilates students. Thank you, Carolyne!

– Rachel

 Carolyne is the quintessential Pilates instructor.  I was working with a Pilates instructor at a local gym and mentioned that I was seeing a physical therapist for pelvic floor issues.  She tells me that there is a Pilates instructor who is a world class expert  in pelvic floor work right here in Chicago.  I call that day and book a session. 
I worked with Carolyne for two years.  We addressed the pelvic floor, lymphedema, frozen shoulders and broken bones.  She always had a plan and for that I am very grateful.

– Jeanne

 I worked with Carolyne when preparing to become pregnant, throughout the course of my pregnancy and afterwards. Her support was pivotal in me having a relatively stress free and enjoyable journey through this time. Carolyne created movement experiences for me which supported my journey to motherhood. Her approach was innovative and supplied me with many great exercises and releases that I could do independently throughout my pregnancy to help me prepare for delivery and then support my healing. Carolyne was a beacon of knowledge, encouragement, and support while providing thoughtful and effective movement training appropriate for my ever changing condition.  She helped me enjoy the process and embrace the changes while assuaging fear and self-doubt. 

– Kate S

 As a movement professional, I have great appreciation for Carolyne’s continuing education curriculum for professionals. Different from other women’s health continuing education options, Carolyne pulls from her experience as a doula, a dancer, and a fitness professional. She draws from her extensive experience, from current research, and from related modalities to create comprehensive education for supporting women throughout their various stages of life. She provides an environment conducive to learning, community, and exploration. I can’t recommend Carolyne highly enough whether for individual/personalized support or for continuing education.

– Kate